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Sony A7 IV Firmware Update 2.01


New Member
There's a new firmware update out again folks, this time it's v2.01. It doesn't appear to be a big update though.

The benefits and improvements are:
Fixes a Creators’ App issue where the Auto Time Correction and Auto Area Adjustment features turn off
Improves the operational stability of the camera
Important Note: If you are still running v1.00 or v1.01 then you will need to update to v1.05 before installing 2.01 or the install will fail.

For those using the Imaging Edge Mobile app:
Updated cameras will no longer be able to connect to Imaging Edge Mobile app. After updating the camera, install the Creators' App.

Please make sure Imaging Edge Mobile app is the latest version (Ver.7.7.2 or later) in order to pair the camera with the Creators' App.
If you are using an iPhone/iPad, after updating the camera, turn off the Phone/iPad and turn it on again. Then pair the camera with the Creators' App.

Do share your experience upgrading the firmware for the benefits of others